A Good Day to Juice Feast

Good Morning! Today is a beautiful day.  It’s not even too cold outside! Well, it’s 27 degrees, but should have a balmy 57 degrees for a high today! My cold frame greenhouses will be really happy with that.

Anyway – health note: I weighed in at 190.8 this morning. That’s a loss of 1.2 pounds from yesterday.  This could be just normal fluctuation I say to myself, but it isn’t.  I ate well yesterday, compared to the last several months.  I’m going to juice some delicious greens this morning – and see if I can maintain my energy today.  I’m hoping I don’t feel drugged this evening, and HAVE to sleep.

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It’s Time

Well – Kids – and anyone else that follows me: I’ve begun juicing again today.

I’ve been told the recipes I share from Penni Shelton over at Raw Food Rehab are delicious, as well as the ones we make up in our own kitchen. My sister, Rosa, creates divine raw recipes – one in particular was an avocado pudding she shared with me one night in Hawaii.  Devour – worthy!

I have decided that health-accountability is important.  Have you ever decided to start a healthy program, but chose to NEVER divulge your endeavor to anyone? I have.  It left me with a back door to escape if I chose to not follow through.  Consequently, about 3pm every afternoon, I had an out. And when my thoughts began to say, “This is harder than I want.” OR “WHERE is that CHOCOLATE?????” OR “I don’t want another juice, I want lasagne!” I would have a way to say that tomorrow would be good enough.

I’ve been in that place for awhile.  Today, I re-began juicing.  I re-watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  Joe Cross is an inspiration.  I also read information on another blog about “preparing the canvas” (your body) as you jump into juicing.  Joe spent time in bed, just not wanting to move.  I relate.  The last time I began a juice feast, I ended up in the hospital with a gallbladder issue, as per a previous post.  I haven’t continued juicing because I was afraid I would end up there again.  Fear has kept me managing health issues, instead of healing them.  Isn’t that silly?!

I also know that living in a home with two carnivores, who love their meat and potatoes, makes juicing difficult. I handed a delicious carrot, apple, bok choy, lemon drink to my husband tonight.  He drank it, but then loudly proclaimed how gross it had been, and that he would gag down what I share with him, but he certainly will never really enjoy it…. *sigh*

Luckily for my carnivores, I don’t require they change their eating habits as much as I need to, I just ask that they add a salad a day to their diet.  My son, who is in braces, has trouble chewing salad just now – so we make awesome smoothies for him to get his daily green requirement.

So for today, I’ll let you know that I weigh 192 lbs.  I’ve put on 14 lbs since my visit to Texas.  I’ve been caught in emotional eating – snacking, especially late at night. Lack of planning for our menus has led to “whatever is in the cupboard” eating habits, and that isn’t effective either.

Today, I had 4 cups of berry detox tea (yep, it’s what I had in the cupboard), sometimes there is no choice.  I had 12 oz of chicken soup for lunch (I was out during the lunch hour and was Hungry). There was no kale available at the grocery store, so purchased other fruits and veggies that were.  Got home, 4pm, and the power was out.  Couldn’t juice! Ate lunch with Ben (yes, a sandwich).  Fell asleep at 6pm. (It was like being drugged. Am I allergic to something that puts me to sleep?) Juiced at 9pm, (Yeah, power back) and now its midnight.  I’m having some sleepytime/raspberry tea and going to bed.

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Helping Kids Recognize and Manage Their Emotions

The following link is to a really good article including 14 tips for helping kids with their emotional intelligence.  I’ve used several of these techniques through the years, and I find I use them more and more specifically with my autistic son.  ANY yelling, or minimal raising of my voice causes him to quake and shrink – he simply can’t handle it.  Then he begins to cry.  That makes me pause, most of all.

I offer these as hints for dealing with the challenges that come with teenagers, gifted kids, and those with intellectual challenges.  I’ve reared and dealt with all of those.

14 Hints for Helping Children Recognize their Emotions – And what to do with them!

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Halloween 2012

Ben - Halloween 2012

I won Third Place!

Well, Halloween has come and gone just like it always does.  Today, Ben took his carved pumpkin to the trunk or treat carving contest.  He won 3rd place!

Sometimes, you need to take a break.  I tend to work 24/7 – and rarely ‘play’.  So, tonight I asked James to come with Ben and me to the ‘trunk or treat’ and spend a little time with us.  Jamie doesn’t like crowds, or noise much – but he came with us, and for 1 1/2 hours, I got to forget about everything else.  I

Prize winning pumpkin

3rd Place Halloween Dragon

fixed and took a gallon of potato soup with us.  Others brought pans and pans of corn bread.  There was chili, chicken soup, bean soup, honey-butter, water, and even a raspberry lemonade.  A delicious evening, in so many ways.  I’m glad I deliberately attended the event tonight, and took a moment to ‘breathe’.

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A Moment with Crystal

There are moments in time that remain imprinted on our memories, that for some indefinable, intangible reason, remain more brightly than other memories.  Today was one of them.

Emotional health, something I haven’t touched on much, is essential to our well-being.  Today, after church responsibilities were dealt with, Crystal and her husband Michael took me to the LDS Temple in Brigham City.  It is new, and incredibly beautiful.  We were able to walk around it, sit near it, and just contemplate things in a moment of peace.  These moments can be rare. They certainly are appreciated after the constant, incessant hum of activity that is involved in simply living; you know, laundry, 9 kids, husband, grandchildren, work, internet marketing, genealogy, gardening, etc.  :0)

Today was one of those wonderful moments, where life slows down just enough to allow contemplative wandering.  *happy sigh* Take time for calm, peace, meditation.  It allows you to ‘center’ yourself, and do better in all your other responsibilities.

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A Grandmother . . .

Today is the 16th of September.  Today, a grandmother was made (yes, again).  What a wondrous event, as a new baby boy arrives, and blesses our homes with joy.  Welcome, little Daniel!

The thing I remember about today, that was so precious, is when Grandpa Woods was holding this child.  He said, “Well, hello there.  I have a hammer out in the shop with your name on it!”

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Another Year of Home School Begins

I’ve been an active participant in our local public school.  I’ve also been actively engaged in home schooling children over the years.  In the beginning, there were gifted children who needed a little extra help, having been ‘lost in the cracks’ at school.  The one year I am most proud of was the year little Di progressed through more than two years of mathematics in less than eight months.  Her mother was thrilled, and Diana gained a new sense of self-esteem.  That was when I ran Pepperdine Academy from 1999-2001.  Those were some awesome times.

Now, I’ve begun another adventure in the realm of home schooling.  I still tutor the kids in music, drama, sewing, cooking and gardening.  We are involved with a curriculum this year, though, through the Washington Online School Utah (WOSU).  It has been an interesting blend of public & homeschool.  It is a blend we are finding useful this year.  I have a gifted child in my school who can’t get enough, an Asperger’s Syndrome child that the school system says they can’t give sufficient assistance in a traditional classroom, and an average-all-american-boy.  This mix makes for some interesting days.

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Weight Loss

I’m more interested in total health, than in weight loss, really.  Yet, proper weight is directly connected to health.  Thus, my weight must be addressed.

I’m still in the 170′s, and this pleases me, but for the next 3 weeks, Alan is going to help me with Wii Mii, and walking.  This increase in exercise will be beneficial, and the total support and encouragement for reaching my goal of “ultimate health” is outstanding.  My goal? To lose 10 pounds in the next 3 weeks.  Are you with me?

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More Exercise for me.

Walked a mile plus today, and did stretches and basic belly dancing.  What am I doing in the food department now? For breakfast I had a 1/2 piece of toast, and a smoothie with Dr. Schulz Green Super Food. For lunch there was a 1/2 sandwich with turkey, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese. Plus, I had a large salad. (There was also happy laughter as we discussed how many calories we burn as we chew food…)  I had several cups of water throughout the day too.  For dinner, mmmm, baked potato with steamed veggies, apple juice.  Then, in the evening, lemon/ginger tea, and more water.  This made me feel really good, definitely not too heavy or full.

How am I staying on track? I’ve come to Dallas to “re-ground” or “center” myself.  I have goals, and have felt a little “fractured”.  I only have two things to focus on while I’m here.  My health/fitness plan, and Internet Marketing.  With only those two things on my mind, keeping all other distractions away, a lot can get done.  Focus, focus is my plan!

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New Beginning…

Natalya & Iris

Natalya & Iris

O.K., so where have I been for so long?  I’ve been dealing with my gallbladder, my new granddaughter, being a soccer mom, and ever so many things.  I don’t want anyone to think I quit my journey to health.  So I beg your forgiveness, and continue writing about this healthy, happy life I’ve been blessed to live.

I’m in Dallas, working on Internet Marketing, and visiting with my beloved brother Alan, and sister Mary.  I can’t wait to see Karen soon too, when she is available.

Mental, Emotional well-being is being dramatically satisfied as I visit with family I haven’t seen in 5 years!

Physical Health: I told Alan I wanted to lose 10 pounds the three weeks I will be here.  He smiled, and added a Mii to his Wii, and I was introduced to Hula Hooping!  Oh my stars…  It’s been a long time since I was hula hoop champion in college.  I’ve been walking, and belly dancing – but neither of these activities hit me in the solar plexus like THAT.  This is definitely going to help me tone up while on my work ‘vacation’.

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